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Audio Video Technologies is Southern Arizona's only THX certified level II dealer, meaning we have demonstrated a consistent ability to perform at the very highest level in the industry and we have the technical expertise to do your job right the first time.
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AVT is a full-service integrator. This means that we provide all your electronics needs under one roof. Whether it is a simple TV display you need mounted or a fully integrated system involving the latest technologies in HDTV, Media Storage & Distribution, Security/Surveillance solutions, Invisible Surround Sound systems, Lighting Design & Automation, Remote System access & control & Acoustic Treatments. We can create, install, & service your dream system, whatever your budget.

Our passion for technology and attention to detail for how you want to use it will be readily evident to you from the very first time you meet one of our system consultants and will carry through to the culmination of your project and beyond.

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Tucson Home Theater Company: Getting the Perfect Home Theater System

Home theaters have become so popular over the last decade that they are now becoming standard in the new construction of many homes. Installing a home theater to an older home can prove to be an investment; one that you can enjoy and one that can add value to the price of your home if you should ever want to sell. If you really want to make the most of your investment you should have your system installed by a competent Tucson home theater installer.

Installing a home theater is often promoted a DIY project, and while it’s possible to do the work yourself, it’s best to call in a knowledgeable Tucson home theater company. When you really look at all the parts involved and the fact that they must all be interconnected and that it may involve some complicated wiring, it may be a bigger job than you want to tackle. Also if you prefer in-wall speakers, do you have the know how to run the wiring behind the wall or create an exact opening to fit the speakers? It’s a pretty scary thought, thinking you might destroy your wall in the process. A qualified installer from Tucson home theater company can save you from a lot of hassles and some potentially big mistakes.

Tucson Home Theater Company: Finding the Space

Naturally you’ll need to have the space for a home theater. Originally home theaters were set up in the basement where better sound and lighting control could be achieved. The basement is still an excellent location but with all the new technology and equipment available you don’t have to limit your home theater to the basement anymore. To determine the best location for your system you should talk with a qualified Tucson home theater company.

You essentially have two options when choosing the location for your home theater. You can install your system in a multi use space such as a family room or a home office or you can dedicate an entire room to your theater system. To find out which is going to be the best choice for you, consult with your local Tucson home theater company. It really depends on personal preference and how much space you have available but there may be some factors that you’ve overlooked and a skilled Tucson home theater company can help you with all the details.

Tucson Home Theater Company: Putting Together a Budget

After deciding on the location for your new home theater, you’ll want to make certain that you have a budget allowed for the system. You’ll need to allow for the system itself along with cables, wiring and the cost of installing the home theater system. A Tucson home theater company can help you put together a system that will fit your budget.

Approximately 60% of your system’s budget should go toward the TV since a quality home theater depends on the quality of the video. The home theater system should represent 30% of your budget. The system is made up of the DVD and receiver unit and the speakers. 10% goes for wiring and cable. They are an important part of your system and not something you want to forget. Talk with your Tucson home theater company to get a reliable estimate on the amount of cable and wiring you’ll need.

Tucson Home Theater Company: Designing Your New Theater System

After you have your budget in place and have chosen a space, the Tucson home theater company can help you design your system. Probably your biggest decision will be on the type of display or TV you would like. A front projector will provide the biggest picture for not a lot of money and give a realistic theater experience in a dedicated home theater. If you’re setting up your theater in a room that will also be used for other purposes a flat panel or rear projection TV may be your best option. To decide what kind of display is appropriate for your specific space consult with a Tucson home theater company installer. You’ll want to choose your sound system and again here is where an experienced Tucson home theater installer can lend some valuable advice on the best speakers for your system. There are in the wall, surface mounted, bookshelf and floor standing speakers. Recessed speakers provide for a true theater experience. They’re really energy efficient and not too expensive. Since they are recessed in the wall, they won’t take up valuable space in the room. If you’re big on sound quality you may want to go with standing or bookshelf speakers but remember that these speakers will take up some room. For the best advice on a sound system for your home theater consult with your Tucson home theater company.

Obviously calling in a Tucson home theater company to help you plan and install your home theater system has many advantages. They can survey the space available to determine the best layout for optimum viewing and sound. They can install your sound system and all the necessary wires and cables. They can make sure everything is connected, program all your equipment and remote control and explain how to use your new system. When it comes to installing your new home theater system, it just makes sense to hire reliable Tucson home theater company to do the job.
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They're truly talented! Apart from fantastic designs, their timelines are spon on.
R. Dudley - Tucson, AZ
I was really surprised when my consultant talked me out of a more expensive purchase in favor of what worked better for what I actually wanted to do. Thanks for the integrity.
J. Simmons - Oro Valley, AZ
Our home theater is so wonderful! Who needs to go to the movies when it looks and sounds better at home. The AVT design team and install techs were great at helping us older folks understand our system so we can actually use it. Even my wife is comfortable with our system.
D. Capes - Green Valley, AZ
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